7 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

There is little doubt that of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is the room you use the most.

It’s the room where you create and cook for your family.

Some would suggest, it’s the one room where you can express your culinary flair.

The kitchen is to a home chef what an office is to a CEO or a home gym to a fitness fanatic.

It’s also the place where all the magic happens, and while everyone wishes for a spacious kitchen, it’s far from reality.

The majority of homeowners wind up with a cramped kitchen where every aspect is fighting for attention.

However, you can trick the human eye into thinking you have a large kitchen by following these steps.

1. Paint

A new paint color is probably the most affordable and straightforward method to enhance the space in your kitchen.

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want to store your coffee machine in the basement, then finding the correct paint color is required.

Dark-colored walls make the room appear cramped and cozy. While it may work if you indeed have a large kitchen, it serves no purpose in a small space.

Lighter hues do provide a more open feel. White and all variations of it will immediately result in the receding of the walls.

However, if you’re not a fan of white, you can opt for lighter colors such as yellow. Because it’s bright, it offers a sunny, welcoming countryside feel. Similarly, pale green is great to blend with a white kitchen with some added greenery such as rosemary and thyme in little pot plants creating an earthy atmosphere.

2. Lighting

Anything that’s well-lit appears bigger.

Try to allow as much natural light into your kitchen as possible.

Don’t keep blinds or curtains drawn or avoid them altogether to create the illusion of space. Relying on light from a ceiling fixture in the center of the room isn’t enough to appear large.

When there’s poor lighting, shadows appear between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling making the room seem closed.

Eliminate those shadows with the installation of light fixtures on top of your cabinets shining toward the ceiling. A light installed on the underside of the cabinets to shine onto the countertops has a similar effect.

3. Glass Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with dark doors generate the idea that the room is small and closed. The option to make your kitchen appear larger is to introduce glass cabinet doors. When your cabinets contain glass doors, it attracts the gaze of the human eye. It immediately showcases the kitchen in a different light—maintaining clear sightline assists with seeing through space rather than being blocked by solid, colored doors.

If you are heading this route, always decide on light-colored cabinets. The glass doors work well with lighter tones of wood, and you will achieve the necessary results. The added benefits are that you’re forced to keep your cabinets neat without clutter, and you’re able to view what’s in the cupboard without opening the cabinet door.

4. Reserve a Spot for Everything

A common issue in kitchens is the fact that multiple objects often lie around on the countertops. Naturally, this creates a perception of congestion. It’s imperative that you keep your counters clean of unwanted items. Objects such as cookbooks, spices, and small appliances should have a designated area for storage. The next time you’re investing in kitchen cupboards, bear in mind the effect storage has on size. You should include concealed storage racks, especially for spices that pull- or swing out.

Clear the clutter from your tabletops and get rid of so-called decorative features to keep your kitchen appearing spacious.

5. Open Shelving

On the note of kitchen cabinets, if you’re short on space, considering open shelving isn’t a bad idea. It reduces the weight of the kitchen and provides the illusion of more room. There are a few options, such as floating shelves, which are fitted directly to your kitchen wall. There are no visible parts except for the shelf itself. Copper shelving, on the other hand, is trending and aesthetically pleasing. However, removing those cabinet doors to have open shelves doesn’t mean you can load everything onto them. The items on those open shelves have to be minimal and always neat and tidy. Forget about using the shelves as a storage facility for the items in your pocket as that will appear untidy and be in full view of your guests.

6. Looking Up

Another way to trick the eyes into thinking your kitchen is large is by using vertical lines. Select patterns and designs that seem to be running up the kitchen wall toward the ceiling. The goal is to make the kitchen appear ‘tall.’ Similarly, using horizontal stripes across the wall of the room can assist in making the kitchen look wider, thus creating more space. Remember to keep the color of those stripes as light and neutral as possible. There are various wallpaper options to accommodate both scenarios.

7. Reflective Materials

The trick with shiny objects in the kitchen is that they reflect the light from its surroundings. A kitchen with white cabinets will have that reflected off a stainless steel fridge and enhance the light-colored cabinets. Anything glossy that will bounce the light will contribute to the kitchen appearing larger. Installing a new polished quartz countertop coupled with under-cabinet lighting offers a seamless transition between the counter and the cabinets and enhances the spacious feeling of the room.


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