Entangled veins on a cream-colored surface look like flowing rivers with pearls sweeping by. Vicostone Akoya creates a unique sense of elegance.


This design combines quartz and sand grains mixed with sandblasting effects that fits most modern and industrial styles.


Vicostone Amadeus is a fusion between black background and golden iridescent veins. It creates a unique transparent 3D effect, simulating the night sky in Earth’s two geographic poles, which suits special characteristic designs.


Inspired by natural Calacatta Amarcord, Vicostone Amarcord is a unique design with pure white marble background go with special pattern of strong and trendy brown-grey vein.


Inspired by natural Calacatta marble, the famous Italian stone, Vicostone Arabescato has a subtle and luxurious look. Defined neutral gray veins combine with minor movement on a white background.


From Vicostone’s Thunder Series, Greylac’s neutral-toned veins pop on a shining white marble-look quartz.


Vicostone Argento combines gray and brown veins spreading freely on a granite-look background. Featuring a touch of sparkle throughout the slab.


Vicostone Avalanche has its own sophisticated look. Slight gray and dark brown swirls intertwine in a whirlwind of movement that looks like crashing hurricanes.


Large grain particles create a sediment effect with in light gray. Vicostone Avalon easily coordinates with different styles of kitchen cabinets.


Vicostone Avorio features a vein-cut design that is unique among engineered quartz products. The pattern is reminiscent of large tree trunks from the world’s oldest forests. Avorio's pure white background and thin veining express a beautiful creativity that is suitable for modern designs.

Azul Aran

Inspired by granite’s naturally luxurious charm, Vicostone Azul Aran reinterprets the wild and free elements of the stone with a blue, gray and cream color palette.

Belgium Blue

Inspired by natural limestone, Vicostone Belgium Blue is perfect in high-end flooring applications thanks to its dark tone and thin veins throughout the slab.

Blue Savoy

Vicostone Blue Savoy is a unique blend of thread-like veins fading in and out of a vibrant dark blue granite background.


Inspired by Calacatta Borghini, a specific type of the famous Calacatta marble, Vicostone Borghini is designed with massive stream veins throughout the slab. The bold movement from the veins is textured with warm tones and lightly colored transitions.

Botticino Classic

Inspired by Italy’s Botticino Classic, Vicostone Botticino Classic is refreshed with softer and thinner white veins on a luxurious ivory background.


Inspired by Italy’s famous Carrara marble, Vicostone Carrara is a unique design with warm gray veins on a luxurious marbled stone. One of our most popular products for its universal appeal and elegant look.