Sintered Stone

The future of surfaces is here.

Transforming Imagination Into Functinality

An extroardinary surface that is redefining architecture design.

Incredible Physical Properties

Extremely Scratch Resistant

You can slice food on the surface without a worry.

Water & Chemical Resistant

Acidic liquids like lemons or acetone will not destroy its color.

Heat Resistant

Place your scorching hot pots and pans on sintered stone without melting it.

Sintered Stone Brands

Use Sintered Stone For Any Surface






Super Thin


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  • Beautifully Installed Sintered Stone Surfaces In 5 To 10 Business Days
  • 1-Day Install – Same Day Removal & Installation
  • Vein Matching For Projects With Seams – Digital Software To See How Your Surfaces Will Look
  • A Local Showroom To See Your Porcelain Slabs In Person
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty From Porcelain Manufacturers

Experienced Professionals

Years of Combined Experience

Countertops Installed

Large Format Porcelain VS Sintered Stone:

What’s The Difference?


Large format porcelain and sintered stone are natural evolutions of engineered surfaces. Even though they may seem similar in appearance, there are several key differences you should know for your remodel.


Read a more detailed comparision guide here.



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