Why Are Quartz Countertops So Popular?

There used to be a time when homeowners fantasized their dream kitchen and what granite countertop they would choose. In fact, when we first started our company in 2006, we named ourselves after our most popular products, granite and marble. We named ourselves Northwest Granite & Marble.

That has all changed in the last several years.

While granite had a classic elegance and excellent resale value, homeowners and designers soon turned to quartz for kitchen countertops. According to an NKBA study in 2014, the most commonly specified countertop material by kitchen designers was quartz at 88%. Granite was right behind at 83%.

It didn’t take long for homeowners to favor quartz over natural stone. The 2019 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study revealed that engineered stone such as quartz was favored by 48% of homeowners while natural stone materials combined at 43% in popularity.

So what made quartz countertops so popular?


Quartz countertops are engineered stone — composed by grinding natural quartz into dust and combining it with other natural and synthetic materials such as polymers, resins, and pigments. These quartz slabs undergo a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure customers receive a top quality product. If you want to see how it’s made, watch this video from Caesarstone.

How is it durable?

  • Stain Repellent which means its impervious to acidic foods. 
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Chip-resistant
  • Does not require sealing, whereas natural stone requires sealing every so often depending on the material. You save money since sealing costs roughly $400 to $1000 every time.

Beautiful Designs

Calacatta Alto (MSI)

The biggest reason for the surge of quartz’s popularity can be linked to better designs. Manufacturers finally figured out to create stunning designs that mimicked natural stone. Earlier versions of quartz countertops were not appealing to the majority of designers or homeowners. 

There are four different design categories of quartz: marble-look (most popular), natural-look, industrial-look, and contemporary. 




Concrete (Caesarstone)

Contemporary Style

Arctic White (MSI)


Quartz has become a lot more affordable in recent years. As more homeowners chose quartz for their countertops, manufactures started producing a lot more which resulted in lower prices.

How much do quartz countertops cost?

The price of quartz depends on the brand and design you choose. It varies anywhere from $55 on the low end to $150 per square foot on the high-end. Also account for having to purchase the entire slab depending on what brand or design you ultimately choose. 

We admit it…

Quartz isn’t always the cheapest choice for your kitchen countertops. Certain granite colors can be even cheaper than quartz. However, if you are looking to live in your home for many years, we recommend choosing quartz for its long-lasting durability and stunning designs.

With its reasonable price point, newly improved form, and superior function, we think the quartz trend is here to stay. 

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