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7-Step Process

Step 1.

Choose your material & color

This will be the most difficult choice in the entire process. Our stone experts are here to help you choose a countertop material and color that goes perfect with your kitchen design and personal lifestyle.

Step 2.

Choose your edge profile

Countertop edges are the finishing touch to your kitchen countertop installation. Determining your kitchen style, personal taste, and lifestyle will help you find the perfect countertop edge.

Step 3.

Choose your backsplash

Now it’s time to choose your backsplash. You have three options: tile backsplash, 3-6″ backsplash, or full-height countertop backsplash.

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Step 4.

Choose your Sink & Faucet

Now that you have finalized your selection for your countertop material, color, edge, and backsplash, it is time to choose a sink and faucet. We offer all types of sinks through our sister brand, Reveri. Unfortunately, Avrio Surfaces does not sell faucets. We recommend purchasing a faucet from any major reputable brand.

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Step 5A.


Now… you are ready for our template technician to come out to measure your countertops. Please make sure to have a decision maker present to answer questions and finalize details. Our template tech will need thirty minutes to two hours dependent on the project scope.

Step 5B.

Layout (if applicable)

If your countertop color has veining or movement, it may require digital vein-matching.  You will be able to choose from several different layout options.

Step 6.


Your future countertops undergo an extensive process of fabrication to achieve the finished product. First, our sawyer cuts your countertops using our BACA Sawjet, the most capable precision cutting machine in the industry. Second, our CNC operator places the countertops on the TITAN 2700 CNC where it routes out the sink and creates the edge profile. Third, the shop fabricators put the finishing touches on every piece. And finally, the countertops are inspected to ensure there are no defects.

Step 7.


You can expect 2-4 hours for a standard kitchen countertop installation. Our installation team brings out your new countertops and install them, ensuring that everything fits to plan and meets your approval. If anything isn’t right, we’ll fix it right away, leaving you with beautifully installed countertops.

Using full-height countertop backsplash?

This requires you to go through steps 5-7 again. We require an additional template (after install), layout (if needed), and installation. This adds an additional five to ten business days after your countertops are installed.

Enjoy your new countertops for decades to come!

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